Sharks perfect predators

The exhibition “Sharks, perfect predators”: from a 6 meters great white shark to the tiny pygmy shark, more than 20 models of the most important and curious shark species in a fascinating journey to discover their incredible world with didactic models, 3d touchable panels, multimedia.

Now on display: From March 25 – 2016, till autumn 2017 in Cattolica (Rn), at the Aquarium of Cattolica.

  • Exhibition available for rent or with other modalities

  • Size: 400-600 square meters

  • Transport: 1 trailer

  • Availability: from spring 2018

  • Info costs:

Previous Venues:

  • Acquario di Cattolica (Rimini)

  • Promotrice delle Belle Arti, Parco del Valentino – Torino

  • Museo di Storia Naturale of university of Pisa

  • The Museo del Mediterraneo, Livorno



Some images of the Livorno assembly