Dinosaurs – Land of the Giants

Exhibition: Dinosaurs – Land of the Giants. Venture back more than two hundred million years to the time when the dinosaurs roamed the earth, directly to the Triassic period. Experience up-close encounters with a Carnotaurus, Europasaurus, up to the king T-Rex in this walk-through exhibit.

Now on display: From 22 november 2016 to 25 june 2017 at the Natural History Museum of Genova . INFO: MUSEO DI STORIA NATURALE

Exhibition facts:

  • Exhibition available for rent or with other modalities

  • Size: 400-600 square meters

  • Transport: 2 trailers

  • Availability: from summer 2017

  • Info costs: mail@naturaliter.com

Previous Venues:

  • Natural History Museum of Genova

  • The Natural History Museum of University of Pisa

  • The Museo del Mediterraneo, Livorno

  • Center Lanzo torinese, Turin

Some images of Genova and of Turin assembly.