Exhibition “Tutankamon – The tomb, the gold and the curse”, a spectacular recreation of the pharaoh’s tomb and treasures. Exploring an unknown world of magic and mystery, an unforgettable adventure into the realm of Tutankhamun, the golden pharaoh. A recreation of his tomb and his treasures including replica gold coffins, astonishing jewellery and stunning gilded statues, with scenes of embalming techniques and a scientific reproduction of the paraoh, this exhibition is a must see for all ages.

Now on display: From August 2016 till February 2017 at the Centro Cultural de San Luis Potosi – Mexico

Exhibition facts:

  • Exhibition available in North America for rent or with other modalities

  • Size: 500-700 square meters

  • Transport: 2 trailers

  • Availability: from winter 2017

  • Info: mail@naturaliter.com

Previous venues:

  • Museo Del Noreste, Monterrey

  • Palacio de Autonomia UNAM, Mexico city

  • Palacio Municipal, Puebla

  • Museo de los Conspiradores, Querétaro